Vegas Editing Projects

Project Name Comments
3D Cube Track motion, keyframes, compositing
3D Mask Mask, keyframes
3D Text Track motion, keyframes, compositing
Animated Background Keyframes, Video FX
Animated Background v2 Keyframes, media properties
Color Pass Video FX
Color Pass 2 Video FX, mask


Freeze Frame Event velocity
Ghostly Gatorade Mask, keyframes
Good Advice/Bad Advice Video FX, multiple tracks, scripting, composition
Interview Editing  
Interview Multiple tracks, composition, audio
Letterbox Mask Video FX, compositing
Light Rays Video FX
News Clip Keyframes, Flash, scripting
Pencil Sketch Video FX, compositing
Picture Frame Event velocity, mask, keyframes
Picture In Picture Event Pan/Crop
Picture Pan Event Pan/Crop, keyframes
Picture Pan 2 Event Pan/Crop, keyframes, track motion
Quit Bugging Me Generated Media, keyframes
Split Screen Key frames, mask,
Split Screen with still pics Event Pan/Crop
Teleporter Track composite level
Teleporter v2 Mask, track composite level, keyframe
Creative Titling using masks

Masking, keyframing

Here's what it will look like.

Text Mask Keyframe, compositing
Video FX

Video FX, generated media

Event Velocity Event velocity
ZoomFace Keyframes
Height Maps (waterdrop text) Compositing, we118
Placing Video inside of Titles

Compositing, VideoFx

Here's what it will look like.

Youtube tutorial  


You should be able to figure out how to do this now. Once you figure out how, you should be able to do the entire project (including taping) in about 10 minutes. =D
Trashcan Again, you should be able to figure this one as well. Review the 3D Mask assignment. You can use one of the clips here.
Greenscreen sample green clip to use
Hiding Unwanted Elements demo clip - mask the Coke can




Many of these projects are based on tutorials found here.