Before & After

In this project you use Fireworks to do some picture editing. You will take create a series of before & after pictures.  In each section you will use a different Fireworks photo editing technique.  Your final product will be a single document that displays the pairs of pictures side by side.  On each slide you'll use Fireworks Text Fills as headings.

Step 1: Open your presentation from Google Classroom.

Step 2: Make Fireworks headings for each page. On slide two you see the word "Cropping" in small plain black letters. Make the word "Cropping" in Fireworks as a nice looking text graphic.

Step 4: Use Google image search to find "before" pictures to for slides 2-12 of the slideshow. Copy/paste them onto the PowerPoint slides.

Step 5 (it's a BIG step):


Here's the grading rubric for the Before & After project:

All B/A done right, all Fireworks headings. Perfect
All B/A but one done right, all Fireworks headings
Most B/A done right, most Fireworks headings
Some B/A done right, some Fireworks headings
Few B/A done right, few or none Fireworks headings


Note: I found several of these examples at