Feathered Edge

(1) Start Fireworks

(2) New Document.  Canvas size doesn't matter, resolution 96 pixels per inch.  Canvas color transparent.

(3) Find an image to work with.  Open http://google.com.  Click IMAGES, right about the search textbox.  Type the name of what you want to search for.  A picture with a light background will work best for this project.

(4) When you find a picture you'd like to work with, right click it, choose copy.  Switch back to Fireworks.  Edit>Paste.  

(5) Select the Oval Marquee tool  in the Bitmap selection of the toolbox.  In the properties window, change the Edge to Feather, amount 30. 

You must change to feathered edge before you draw the oval.

Draw an oval around part of your image - anything outside the oval will disappear.

(6) Select>Select Inverse

(7) Press the delete key (on the keyboard).

(8) Press ESC.

(9) Fit Canvas (CTRL+ALT+F)

(10) Save on your homedrive with the name: Feathered Edge.

Another example