Blur Background

(1) Get a picture you'd like to work with into Fireworks. A group shot works well. Don't get a pic that is zoomed in too much - like a close up.

(2) In the Bitmap section of the Toolbox, choose the Lasso tool.  Draw around the section of the picture you want to keep "unblurred".

(3) Click Select>Select Inverse

(4) Click Edit>Copy, Edit>Paste

(5) Now you have two layers, one layer has a hole cut in it.  Look at the layers panel on the left.    If you don't see the layers panel on the left press the F2 key on the keyboard.

(6) Press ESC to get rid of the blinking marquee.

(7) Select the layer with the hole cut in it.  Click the Effects button and select Blur>Gaussian Blur.  Select 1.6 as the amount of blur. Note: If you don't see the effects button, press escape (the ESC key).

(8) Select both layers and copy/paste onto your Before & After project.