Microsoft PowerPoint 2000



Introduction to PowerPoint "This introduction is pretty old."
Assignment #1: PowerPoint Notes We'll cover most of the PowerPoint basics while making these notes into a presentation.
Adding New Slides:
Insert>Slide, NOT File>New
The different ways to see your presentation:   Normal, Outline, Slide, Slide Sorter
Animation Schemes
Only use on bulleted textboxes
Always use.
It's nice if your presentation has some sort of audio. Don't overdo it.
Assignment #2: Custom Animation  
Assignment #3: Ordering Practice  
Assignment #4: Truths & Lie  
Assignment #5: Screenbean Story  
Assignment #6: Acrostics  
Assignment #7: Multimedia Autobiography The topic: YOU!
Assignment #8: Freestyle Presentation The topic: Anything that you'd enjoy to spend a few days working on.
Too Much Information "Stick to headline style writing."








Screenbean Story

Click here to see my silly example of what we're going to work on.

(1) Start a new PowerPoint project. Save it with the name Screenbean <storynamehere>.

(2) Search for Screenbean in Clip Art. There are dozens of these funny little cartoons.

(3) Compose a silly story using Screenbeans, Callouts and custom animation.

(4) I would recommend leaving the custom animations set to On Click.

(5) You can have overlapping Callouts on the same slide, but they do start to get in the way of one another.

(6) Requirements:


















Ordering Practice

1) Right click here and "save target as".

2) Switch your view to Slide Sorter.

3) Drag the slides so that they're in order.

4) Alternate the background colors of your slides.

5) Transition each slide automatically after one second.

6) Choose an Animation Scheme and apply to all.

7) Save and send Ordering Practice and Custom Animation together on one email.
















Transitions are a type of movement that occurs between slides.  Transitions should be a part of every presentation.  

Click Slide Show, Slide Transition. The Slide Transition panel will open up on the right side of PowerPoint.

By default, PowerPoint slides have No Transition. Click one to see what it looks like.

Modify the speed of the transition if you wish.

You may apply sounds to advances----these may overlap other sounds present in your presentation.

DO NOT uncheck "On Mouse Click"


You may choose to Advance slide automatically. Put in a check and specify number of seconds.

You will have to test your show and make certain that a slide don't advance so quickly that the words cannot be read.

You may decide to Apply to All Slides.























Custom Animation Practice

This is the custom animation window.  (Slide Show>Custom Animation)

Select an object that you want to animate and click the Add Effect button.


Let's just stick with Entrance effects for now.

Pick one off the list.

Adjust the settings for this effect. I changed On Click to After Previous.


If your effects are in the wrong order, you can select the effect and use the up/down buttons to Re-Order them.

Your task:

1. Right-click here and save the sample file to your home drive. H: drive

2. Open the slide which has 5 stars on it.

3. Animate the stars so that they appear in numeric order without having to click.

















Adding Audio

Acid Music