Presentation--Truths and Lie

Click here to see my sample.

This will be a three slide presentation.  You'll make three statements about yourself: 2 true and 1 a lie. Whoever watches your presentation will try and guess which is the lie

Slide one will be an introductory slide.  It will have the name of the project, your name and an explanation of what the project is.  Make a nice Fireworks

Slide two will present the two truths and one lie--not necessarily in that order.

Slide three will reveal what the lie was.  If your two truths were pretty unbelievable you should give a short explanation.  Make sure that you state clearly which statement was the lie.

You'll be graded on the following:

  • Content, spelling, grammar.
  • Transitions
  • Animations
  • Clipart/autoshapes
  • Fireworks headings
  • No Wordart

Once you are done...

Swap computers with your neighbor and try to guess each otherís lie

Move around and play w/ as many students as you can (keep track of your own points on a piece of scrap)