J.W. Sexton High School

   A Brief History   


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J.W. Sexton High School was built in 1943. Here are some the original plans for the school. The artists drawing is on the left and the model is on the right. 


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Oracle 1968

The architect's original sketch of the proposed Sexton High School. The more decorative parts of the plan, such as the elaborate roofs, were abandoned because of the increase in prices during World War II.

This picture was taken of the original model of J. W. Sexton High School.



 J.W. Sexton High School was named after Dr. J.W. Sexton.



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J.W. Sexton came to Lansing High School in 1911 there were 506 students and 22 faculty members. He became Superintendent of Schools in 1916, while the school system grew enormously. Dr. Sexton added physical education programs, music programs and vocational training to the curriculum.  While he was still Superintendent the new high school was named in his honor--J. W. Sexton High School. Dr. Sexton died on November 7, 1963. 




Mr. Roosenraad


Oracle 1941

  Mr. Christian H. Roosenraad  became principal of J. W. Sexton High in 1943.  He was Sexton's principal for 25 years. Sexton's auditorium was named after him.  




  Before Sexton was built, students around the Sexton area attended Central High School.  


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 That's a lot of plants!
   Central High School  




 Before Central High School was built, students attended Lansing High School. 


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It almost looks like a haunted house, doesn't it? 

 Lansing High School

Old Central, as it is now called, is a part of the Lansing Community College campus.




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Sexton's Pool


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Sexton High School's wall tiles

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