The Index Page

The index page is the first page of your web site.  On most web servers you don't need to refer to it by name.  For example, you can just type http://mrjeffmartin instead of typing http://mrjeffmartin/index.html.

The index page for this class is not supposed to be overly decorated.  Maybe one or two cliparts at most.

Note:  When naming files in your website follow these two rules:

Here's a simple index page.   This is how your index page will look for this class.

You must have your name at the top.  First name &b last initial only.

You must list our class projects that I specify under My Projects on the left. 

List Halloween Page as your first project.  Note:  The blue outlines around the textboxes won't show online.

If you want to design a page of your own, list it in a category "My Stuff"

Note:  Your hyperlinks will not work while you're in PageBuilder.

When you click the Preview button, the page will look slightly different.

You must add a title to your page--mine is--Welcome to my Intro to Computers Page.