Magic 8-Ball

Remember the good old Magic 8-Ball?  Try one of your own.  You design the interface the way you'd like it.  It needs a space to show the 8-Ball's message and it probably needs a button for your to click when you're ready for the 8-Ball to make it's guess.

The program must be user-friendly with menus, prompts, keyboard shortcuts, proper TabIndex property settings, etc. Much of the grade for this assignment will be determined by the user interface and effective interactivity of the project.

This is how the 8-Ball distributed it's answers.


  • 50% Positive (e.g. "Yes - Definitely")
  • 25% Negative (e.g. "My Sources Say No")
  • 25% Vague (e.g. "Better Not Tell You Now")


Code for this project:  

     (1)  Load up all of your 8-Ball responses--12 or more.  (similar to QuizShow)

     (2)  Select one at random.  (similar to DieSim1)


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