1 Vocab Camcorder, ENG, EFP, Expanded System, Switcher, System, Television System
1.1 2-15 What Television Production is All About
2 Vocab AGC, BNC, Bust Shot, Close Up (CU), Closure, Cross-shot (X/S), Extreme Close-up (ECU), Extreme Long Shot (ECU), Follow Focus, Headroom, Knee Shot, Leadroom, Long Shot (LS), Medium Shot (MS), Nonsymmetrical Division, Noseroom, Object Centering, Over-the Shoulder (O/S), RCA Phono, Three-Shot, Two-Shot, Z-Axis
6.1 108-121 Working The Camera
6.2 122-129 Framing Effective Shots
3 Vocab Arc, Cam Head, Dolly, Fluid Head, Pan, Pedastal, Quick Release Plate, Spreader, Tilt, Tripod, Truck Wedge Mount, Zoom
5.1 90-100 Standard Camera Mounts and Movements
4 Vocab Audio, Microphone, Pickup Pattern,  Polar Pattern, Cardiod, Omnidirectional, Hypercardiod, Shotgun, Lavaliere, Condenser, Dynamic, Ribbon
9.1 198-221 How Microphones Hear
9.2 222-224 How Microphones Work
5 Vocab AGC, Analog, Calibrate, Cassette, CD, DAT, Ditigal, Equlization, Mixing,Peak Program Meter, Sweetening, VU meter
10.1 232-247 Sound Controls & How to Use Them
10.2 248-255 Mixing and Sound Aesthetics
6 Vocab Assemble Editing, Complexity Editing, Cutaway, Edit Controller, Insert Editing, Linear Editing, Non-linear editing, Off-line editing, On-line editing, Time Code System
12.1 284-309 How Postproduction Editing Works
12.2 310-321 Video recording & storage systems
7 Vocab Auto Transition, Bus, Downstream Keyer, Effects Bus, Fader Bar, Key Bus, Key Level Control, M/E Bus, Mix Bus, Program Bus, Switching
13.1 322-333 How Switchers Work
13.2 334-337 What Switchers Do
8 Vocab Aspect Ratio, Character Generator (CG), Color Compatability, Essential Area, Graphics Generator
15.1 362-377 Designing and Using Television Graphics
9 Vocab Background Light, Back Light, Baselight, Cameo Lighting, Chroma Keying, Cross Keying, Fill Light, Floor Plan, High Key, Key Light, Kicker Light, Light Plot, Location Survey, Low Key, Photographic Lighting Principle, Side Light, Silhouette
8.1 168-185 Lighting in the Studio
8.2 186-197 Lighting in the Field and for Special Effects