Proper Setup/Packup


When unplugging all cables pull on the plug, not the cable itself.
This one was pulled by the plug, and the wires were pulled off.
Mics go in the drawer. Currently we have 3 lavs and 2 sticks.
The shotgun mic can't fit in the drawer, so it goes on the shelp.
Oops. Someone forgot to put the mic holder back in the case. The mic holders that hold the stick mics aren't the same size as the ones that hold the shotgun.
The three 100' bundles go on the side with three hooks.

The XLR goes on the side with five hooks.

Notice how XLR are hung loosely in about 2' loops.

XLR should be wrapped with a short piece of duct tape. Fold over the end so it can be easily unwrapped.
The intercom (headphones & belt pack) stay on the camera.
Power brick stays on the camera.
BNC for TV stays connected at TV end.
Oops. Dirty power cords shouldn't be on top of a $4,000 switcher.
Table/door should be attached to the front of suitcase.