Once only, or yearly

Recurring shows

Making of the Oracle (yearbook)

Commercial for spring musical

Sexton Orientation video

  • tell about clubs/athletics

  • teachers could give tips

  • progams-

  • Sexton Clubs Video

Winter Sports Show

Each player could introduce themselves this however could be a privacy issue, would we need permission slips????

Video Production Show

  • This show could be produced to be used by Mr. Martin for classroom instruction of future classes.  

  • 15 minute segments ?

  • Topics:  CG, switcher, director, 

Panel show - students

  • Permission slips needed????

  • Topics:  How to be a successful student,

 Zodiac tie-in:  1/2 hour show  

Sexton Weekly Review

  • Recount the week at Sexton

Teacher show

  • Teacher teaching a topic  

Kid's book time (a la' Reading Rainbow)

  • copyright issues????

Video game review show

  • could we air excerpts from games????

Technology "how-to" shows: 

  • How to do various computer tasks:  surf Internet, set up email account, use email efficiently, use Microsoft Word, select & set up a printer,  

  • Mr. Martin could use to teach computer class

  • Guests:  computer salesman, Camille Jones, Mike Richter, etc.

  • How to use technology in the classroom if you only have one computer.