Capturing /Editing

Click here to view an example video.

Here's how you capture, edit and print to tape.

Prepare a new project

  • Save your project file to Video drive.
  • Connect camera to computer via firewire cable
  • Turn on camera
  • Put camera in safe position while it will be capturing (ie. not on edge of desk

Capture Video

  • File>Capture Video
  • Options>Preferences>Disk Management
    • Make sure C is NOT selected
    • Make sure video drive IS selected
  • Capture video from tape to video drive
    • "Capture Tape" will rewind and capture from the beginning
    • "Capture Video" will capture from current tape position.
  • Donít use computer while capturing


  • Use S key to split track
  • Know how to use transitions between shots
  • Know how to add text
  • Know how to import audio
  • Know how to adjust audio levels
  • Know how to import graphics & still pictures


  • File>Make Movie
  • "Save it to your hard drive"
  • File path will be the video drive or a folder on the video drive
  • Format: Video for Windows (AVI)

Printing to tape

  • File>"Save it to your camcorder's DV tape"
  • "Use an existing file"
  • Browse to select the rendered file that you recently made.
  • Add rendered black now if you need it.
  • Connect camera and make sure tape is cued up to correct position.
  • "Record to device"














Here's what I want you to do.........

  1. Import your video onto the computer's hard drive.
  2. Make a title in lower left that show's shooter's name. This title will remain through all 5 shots.
  3. Make a title in lower right that show's the name of each shot while that shot is on the screen. (ELS, LS, MS, CU, ECU)
  4. Add a song for background audio.
  5. Render
  6. Print to tape.
  7. Turn in tape.