3 Basic Shots

The 3 basic shots are:

Extreme Long Shot ELS
Long Shot LS
Medium Shot MS
Close Up CU
Extreme Close Up ECU

In this exercise you are going to get practice taping these 3 basic shots. In your group you will take turns being a shooter or subject (don't be shy).

Each group member will capture each of these shots.

  • Set camera to record.
  • Set up your shot.
  • Press record, and record for about 5 seconds, then pause.
  • Repeat this process for your next shot.

When all group members are done, review all shots and determine if any need to be redone.

These shots will become the basis of your first editing project.

Important note: Don't use the flip-out viewscreen on the minicamera unless you are using a tripod. Using the flip-out viewscreen results in shaky shots.