Printing in Room 304

General NoteYou may only print school related work.

Don't click on the print icon .  Always choose File>Print and you'll see a menu like the one below.

You can often choose between several printers in the Name box.  Make sure that your print job doesn't go to the Fax.

If you had something selected before you chose File>Print,  you would have the option to just print what was selected.  Sometimes you don't want to print the whole thing, right?

If you print once and it doesn't seem like anything happened, ask somebody.  Don't just try to print again.  

Printing from your web browser
Method 1: 

When you want to print from a web page, don't just hit the print button.  Select the part you want to print, then choose File>Print>Selection.  If you want to print just one page choose File>Print>Pages, and type the page numbers you want.

Method 2: 

Copy from the page and paste into another program like Word or PowerPoint.