Making Tutorials

  • Make a tutorial (using Powerpoint) which is at least 5 slides long.
  • This tutorial will be a step-by-step explaination of how to do a computer task.
  • Your tutorial will use screenshots you've created using PrintScrn and cropping.
  • Your tutorial might explain how to send an email with an attachment for example.
  • Use animated Autoshapes (like block arrows) to further illustrate your instructions.
  • Use transitions.

Click here to see a partially finished example.

Here's a sample without animation.


This whole concept is based upon the Print Screen (Prt Scr) button, which is right next to the F12 button.  When you press PrtScr it doesn't appear as if anything happens at all.  What really happens is that a picture of your current screen is copied into the clipboard.  All that you need is a graphics program to access that picture. 

Let's say that I wanted to show somebody how to put a table into Microsoft Word.  When you write the instructions down, it's great to include pictures to make your writing clearer.

I went into word and clicked Table>Insert>Table.  I kept my mouse right next to the word Table and pressed the PrtScr on the keyboard.

Then I started Fireworks

Once in Fireworks I clicked File>New, and pasted. This is what I see.......a picture of the computer screen at the time I pressed PrintSCR

I didn't want the whole picture. I just really wanted the part with the tables.  Soooo......use the crop tool.

Copy the cropped screenshot into the program you're using (Word or Powerpoint most likely)

Continue writing your instructions and using cropped screenshots to help make your written instructions clear.