(1) Start Fireworks

(2) New Document.  Canvas size 500 pixels x 500 pixels, resolution 96 pixels per inch.  Canvas color must be BLACK

(3) In the vector portion of the toolbox, select the Text tool.  Use the property explorer to set your font.  Any font will work for this project.  Set the font size to 60.  Select black.  Key your name.  You won't be able to see your name - black letters on black background.

(6) Select Effects>Shadow & Glow>Glow.  Choose a bright color for your glow, like RED, YELLOW, GREEEN, BLUE, etc.

Set the glow opacity to 100%

(7) Resize Canvas to fit your text.  Modify > Canvas > Fit Canvas

(8) Save.  Save As > H drive > File Name:  Neon Glow

(9) Send to me as an email attachment.