(1) Start Fireworks

(2) New Document.  Canvas size 500 wide & 300 high, resolution 96 pixels per inch.  Canvas color transparent.

(3) In the vector portion of the toolbox, select the Text tool.  Use the property explorer to set your font.  You should use a thick font for this project.  Set the font size to 96.  You may use what you'd like for fill:  Solid color, Gradient or Pattern.   Key the words Bouncing Ball.

(4) Use the Ellipse tool in the vector toolbox, and draw a ball.  You may select color and stroke.

(5) Click Window>Frames.  You should see the Frames window at the left.

(6) From the pull down menu choose Duplicate Frame.  Duplicate 10 frames after the current frame.

(7) Now go to frame 2 and move the position of the ball. Go to frame 3 and move the position of the ball some more.

(8) Press the play button (white) to view your animation.

(10) Use the export wizard.  File>Export Wizard.  Select An Export Format, Continue. Animated GIF, Continue.  Export. Save.

(11) Send to me as an email attachment.