Easter Eggs

"Easter egg" is software-industry slang for a fun, hidden feature in a product. Many mainstream software programs contain Easter eggs, which usually present information about the people who created the program. Often these credits are presented with attractive graphics or a game-like interface, making them more of a reward to find -- and more entertaining for the developers to create.



1. Enter Minesweeper, and type "xyzzy"(No quotes). 
2. Press the left shift key. 
3. Look at the top-left most pixel on the entire screen. To see this pixel, you have to minimize all programs (except Minesweeper).  When the pointer in on a mine the pixel will turn off.



1. Start Solitaire
2. Press ALT+SHIFT+2
3. You win!


Visual Basic 6.0

1. From VB's View Menu, select toolbar, then customize...... 
2. In the resulting dialog, click on the commands tab. 
3. In the Categories List, select Help. 
4. Select "About Microsoft Visual Basic" in the Command List, and drag it to any menu or the toolbar. 
5. Right-click on the item you just dragged and rename it to "Show VB Credits" (without quotes). 6. Then close the "Customize" dialog and click on the "Show VB Credits" item. 


Excel 2000 

1: Open Excel.
2: In a blank worksheet, select "Save as" and choose "Save as web page".
3: Click on Publish and Add interactivity.
4: Save as any name you like.
5: Load in the page with MS Internet Explorer, Excel will appear in the webpage.
6: Go to row 2000 Column WC
7: Highlight all of row 2000 and press Tab to make column wc the active column.
8: Hold the keys Ctrl, Alt, Shift and click on the Office Icon.
9: Phew..
10: Enjoy the egg! 

Special Notes: 
Use the arrow keys to drive your car.
The "0" key to drop paint slicks.
The spacebar to shoot.
The "H" key for headlights.