Geocities PageBuilder

Task #1

Log on to Geocities.  Launch PageBuilder.  Pagebuilder will open with a new page.  I want you to add your name at the top of the page (first names only).  Add a picture to your page (anything will do).  Change the background color of the page.  Save your page with the name index.

Here's how:

Write on page/ Add text


Creates a textbox that you can type in and move around.
Insert Picture Click Picture button.  Choose a Yahoo picture, or choose Upload.
Set Title & Link Colors Format>Page Properties.  
Background Click Format>Background

You may choose a color, a Yahoo pattern, or your own.



Step 1:  Select the text that you want to become a link and click the Link button.

Step 2:  Decide what type of link you'll be making.  

Web URL if you're linking to another page on the Internet

My Page
if you're linking to one of your own pages on Geocities.

if your link is to an e-mail address.

My File
if you're linking to one of your own files (like a Word document or Excel spreadsheet)

Use the Choose button to browse.

Undo Not available like in Excel or Word.


There's lots of interesting Add-ons for you to explore.

File Manager

From the Geocities main page, look in the Advanced Toolbox and  click File manager>Open File Manager.

You can Edit, Rename or Delete your web files here.  If you want to add your own files to your web site, you will use the File Manager to transfer them over to Geocities. 

Click the Upload Files button and you'll get the screen you see below.

You can upload five files here.  Browse to select the files and then click upload.