Pan and Zoom

Click here to see a sample video.

In this project you will demonstrate you knowledge of shot framing & basic computer editing. You will also learn to
show motion in your shots.

  • Slow pan of stationary object or objects.
    • Make sure the pan is evenly paced and is ONE movement.
  • Follow a moving object
    • Make sure to take leadroom into account
    • Again, the follow is ONE movement, not a series of seperate movements.
  • Slow zoom in.
    • Maintain consistent zoom speed. (one movement)
  • Slow zoom out.
    • Maintain consistent zoom speed. (one movement)
    • Zoom out from something different.

Make sure that your BEST example of each shot is the one you include in the video. If you are a normal human being you'll have to practice several times to get a good sample of each of the four shots.

Each person in the group will do their own shots. Each person in the group will edit their own shot segment. If there is 4 people in your group, then I should see 16 different shots.

Make sure to take headroom & leadroom into account on all shots.

Use graphics to show what type of shot you're showing, & who is shooting the shot.

When you submit your tape, make sure the tape is cued up to the beginning of what you want me to look at.