Graphics Mock Ups

Note: here are some pics you can use as backgrounds for your mock ups.
Aud Stage 1, Aud Stage 2, Aud Stage 3, Gym BBall 1, Gym BBall 2

(1) Start Macromedia Fireworks. 
(2) Create a new document.  The canvas should be the proportions of a TV screen - 400x300, 900x600 or 1200x900
(3) As far as shapes go, use only Rectangles & Ellipses.  These are the only two shapes we can make on our CG.
(4) Use the text tool to make your text.  Remember to limit your fonts, because the CG has limited fonts.
(5) Use the pointer tool to move objects around.
(6) Use the properties window to manipulate properties of objects.  (A rectangle in this case).

Fill should remain solid.  The red slash you see in border color means NO border.

Click the PLUS sign to add an effect, like drop shadow.  There are other effects, but only the drop shadow can be used on our CG.



Create the following:

(1) Full screen




(2) Lower 1/3 (song title, or name graphic)