Objective: Produce video that promotes Sexton Clubs & Activities.

Audience:  Foyer at Open House & Conferences, Freshman orientation, middle school visits.  Channel 21.  Sexton closed circuit TV channel.

Role Person Responsibilities
Executive Producer: Mr. Martin Overall manager of project, final say
Co-producer   Helps producer, is a communicator, a good organizer, does much of the legwork before the shoot to make sure the shoot runs smoothly
Co-Director   Has a vision for the entire show - what will the flow be? What are the themes of the show? What kinds of shots do we want during each segment?
Chief Editor   Works closely with directors to produce the final edited version of the show. Also responsible to help each team edit their pieces.
Co-technical director   Works closely with director - makes sure all equipment is operating correctly and helps team overcome any technical difficulties. Keeps track of equipment inventory (who has what and who needs it next) and tape inventory.
Co-technical director    
Musical-Director   What music, when and where in the show - what does copyright allow? What will Ch. 21 allow?