Basketball Camera Assignments

"Game-Side" means the players are on your side of the court, right in front of your camera. "Back-Side" means the players ae on the other side of the court, away from your camera.



Game-Side Shot List

  • Game Action - Include the basket when shots are taken
  • In-Bounds Plays - Show player with ball on sidelines
  • Free Throws - Show player at foul line
  • Players Down - Show player on the floor

Back Side Shot List

  • Hero Shots - Show player who made the basket
  • Referee Calls - Show the official in front of scorer's table
  • Substitutions - Show players entering the game at scorer
  • Free Throws - Shoot wide shot of opposite basket

Time-Out Shot List - Game Side & Back Side

  • Team Huddles - Show the team nearest your camera
  • Crowd Shots - Show the fans in the stands near you
  • Cheerleaders - Show the cheerleaders near you
  • Graphic Shot - Pick a stable shot and put it out of focus


Game Camera

Keep sideline at bottom of your shot

Keep all 10 players in shot