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Movie Profits

(1) Open this Excel Template File for the data we'll use for this spreadlsheet

(1a) Make the Title Row bold & in a little bigger font.

(2) Put a formula in column F that will calculate the profit each movie made.  Budget is what the movie cost to make and Gross is how much money the movie brought in. Therefore Profit is the difference between the two.

(3) In column G insert a formula the will express the profit as a percent of the Budget. Divide the Profit by the Budget. Express in percent form with zero decimal places. (Format>Cells>Number>Percentage, zero decimals)

(4) Formatting

  • Let the text wrap in the title row. Select title row, Format>Cells>Alignment, check the wrap text box.
  • Remove thin black borders around the data that you pasted into the sheet.
  • Put a thick Purple border around each of the three big groups of movie information.  (A2:E41) (Format>Cells>Border)
  • Format all data in the Arial font.
  • Change the sheets labels from to (right click>rename)


(5) We're going to SORT this data three different ways. So we'll need three sets of data. Make two copies of your current information (include column headings). Put one copy on the sheet called budget. Now you'll have three copies of the same information. Each on it's own sheet.

  • Sort the first sheet so that the rows are arranged in alphabetical order based on the Movie Name. Make sure you donít include the title row in your selection of what is to be sorted.
  • The second sheet is to be sorted based on Budget size. The movie with the highest budget should be at the top of the list.
  • The third sheet is to be sorted based on Percent Return (column E). The highest Percent Return should be a the top of the list.

(6) Save with the name Movie Profits and send as an email attachment.

Click HERE for the new movie data. It will open in a new window. Use CTRL-A to select all use CTRL+C to copy it.