Easy Pie Chart

Your Task:  Make pie charts that show the results of the 2001 and 2003 school bond votes.  Here's the info.  Use red and green to represent yes and no votes.

Part 1

On Tuesday, May 1st 2001 the city of Lansing conducted a vote to determine if a $385 million bond would be passed to renovate Lansing's Public Schools.  This is a significant amount of money that the voters were being asked to pay.

Here's the results of the vote.  Create a pie chart that reflects this vote.

Yes: 8,588
No: 11,229

Here's my example.

Here's how:

(1) Type the data into Excel just like you see it shown above. (The words yes and no and the two numbers).

(2) Select the four cells with the data you just typed.

(3) Press the Chart Wizard button.

(4) The Chart Wizard has four steps.

  • Step one: Select a chart style
  • Step two: Ignore since we selected our data in step 2 above.
  • Step three
    • Give a title (Bond Vote 2001)
    • Remove the legend
    • Show category name
  • Step four: Simply press Finish, since we want the chart on the existing sheet.

Part 2 - Make a second chart to display the results of the next bond vote.

On November 4th 2003 the voters were asked to vote for yet another bond.  This bond was only about 67.5 million.  Here's the results.

YES 13731
NO 10141